dermaXgen was established in 2008 with the mission to provide organic and all natural beauty products as a healthy alternative to chemical-based cosmetics and beauty treatments being used in homes, spas, and salons. Initially, we started off as a reseller of popular natural beauty brands and sold them door-to-door for the first couple of years after its launch. During this time, we conducted some extensive research on some of the top-notch and supposedly natural beauty brands and their core ingredients and found out that most of them contained a substantial amount of chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, peroxides, and harsh chemical dyes. Further research into the harmful effects of these chemicals motivated us to design and manufacture our own products – free of all chemicals and synthetic additives – and provide people with genuinely herbal and organic beauty products rather than making false claims. And hence came dermaXgen with its own line of skin care, anti-aging and beauty products – all pure natural, chemical-free, FDA-approved and certified.


Today, with ten years of success to our claim, we have emerged as a global company with a reputation in the manufacture of high-quality anti-aging skincare products that fulfill the needs of day and resort spa, eco-spa and medical spa markets.  We are driven by our mission to redefine the future of beauty treatments and care with our innovative products and solutions. Through the efforts of the founder, CEO, board members, and spa distributors, dermaXgen has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and has become
a recognized brand name of anti-aging cosmetics and skincare products for thousands of loyal users across the globe.

We’re excelling ahead in pursuit of our vision to promote beauty, health, and well-being and making a positive difference
in people’s lives through our all natural beauty products.