The idea of beauty has evolved to constitute an extensive arsenal of cosmetics, and not just one or two, but umpteen of them, all put together to give you that ‘all-natural, no-makeup’ look. Being a part of the beauty industry for decades, we came to realize that the present-age beauty industry in purposefully inclined towards promoting an artificial and made-up idea of beauty – all for their commercial gains. The industry banks on people’s imperfections, complexions, and skin issues promotes insecurities and leaves them with no choice but to buy their products, add layers over layers of it on their body and hide their flaws – only to comply by the societal perceptions, misguided conjectures, and Hollywood-inspired standards of beauty.

And it is this realization that compelled us to veer off from the conventional notions of beauty and become a trailblazer by offering all-natural restorative beauty treatments that heal your skin scar from within and rejuvenate it to radiate on the outside.

The Derma XGen products are 100% organic, chemical and additive-free, and FDA-approved.

We’re excelling ahead in pursuit of our vision to promote beauty, health, and well-being and making a positive difference in people’s lives through our all natural beauty products.